Radiance Copperfield
foaled a lovely colt on
May 4th, 2007
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Radiance Copperfield's foals:
Three of Copperfield's daughters, all by different sires. From left to right: Radiance Saving Grace
(2 year old), Radiance Imagine Spring (weanling), and Radiance Savannah Fe (yearling).
Copperfield has produced 6 wonderful foals for us. Each one
has inherited a certain something from her that makes them
unique. A trainer who broke a foal of Copperfield's to ride,
and another foal of hers to ride and drive, remarked that they
were so easy to work with, she wondered if we were going to
bring her any more horses that were "already broke" :).
Copperfield was a spectacular mover. She was headed for a
show career in pleasure driving when a tragic incident at the
trainers, through no fault of her own, left her only pasture
sound as a two year old. Now 16 years old, we have kept her
breeding schedule light to avoid any problems with her old
We feel very lucky to have Copperfield as a broodmare. She
has been bred to a wide variety of stallions, each one with
different bloodlines and excelling in different disciplines. No
matter who she is bred to, Copperfield consistently produces
horses from the same mold: beautiful, athletically gifted
horses who excel at whatever path life takes them down. We
have kept two of her fillies to add to our breeding program,
Radiance Savannah Fe and Radiance Imagine Spring. We
are leasing her first filly,
Radiance Call Me Angel, to have a
foal for us in 2008. In this way Copperfield has become a
second foundation broodmare for us. It is because of
Copperfield that our breeding program is what it is today.