Radiance Imagine Spring
Stand And Deliver x Radiance Copperfield
2005 filly
Radiance Imagine Spring, or Emma, as we call her, was born on the first day of Spring. It was a rainy, cold day, far
from anything remotely "spring-like". Hence, we named her Radiance Imagine Spring, as she was the one beautiful
thing that came on that day :).
Emma is a favorite in the barn. She seems to feel entitled to any and all attention, and acts as if her feelings are
deeply hurt if someone passes her by. One time when we had work being done elsewhere on the farm (not horse
related) I came in the barn to find a group of completely non-horse people surrounding her stall watching her. It
turns out she was nickering so much trying to convince them to pet her that they thought something was wrong with
her :)! Once they found out what she was doing, they were quite charmed by her, and amazed a horse could have
so much personality.
She is a very sweet filly, and fun to have in the barn.
We have retained her for our breeding program.
Emma as a weanling in the middle of her two sisters, Radiance Saving Grace (2 years old) to the
left, and Radiance Savannah Fe (yearling) to the right.
Two photographs above taken the summer of her yearling year.